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Helm is a form of body protection is worn on the head and usually made of metal or other hard materials such as kevlar, fiber resin, or plastic.
Helmets are typically used as head protection for a variety of combat activities (military), or civic activities such as sports, mining, or drive. Helmets can provide additional protection on the part of the head (depending on its structure) from falling objects or high speed.
The history of the emergence of helmets have been around since ancient Greece. At this time the helmet is part of the war, namely as a complementary technology of armor / armor. Seeing a pretty important role to protect its head from the threat of weapons the enemy continues to develop comprehensive helmet.
This time by modifying the helmet using the air brush or you can use pilox to memodifnya. Because modifying the old helmet being new it was very easy, you can do it at your home and do not need to buy a new helmet again. Most lovers motorcycle helmet modify itself with its creativity, because the cost is very cheap once rather than buying a new helmet.
How to modify the helmet this time we will use two methods most often used to modify the helmet, the first using the air brush and use pilox. Since both of these ways the most powerful and easiest to do pengerjaanya
1. How to Use Air Brush.
Before you paint, you must first menentukah what would you paint or you image, because it was so determines the outcome later. Clean the first part of the helmet and then you can use stickers that are pictorial or patterned, then paste gets helmet. To facilitate you in the process of painting, so that the paint is splattered everywhere. Then you could be the creation of a variety of colors from which to decorate the helmet is still empty.
2. How to Use Pilox.
The second way is easier, because you just use the basic color and the dominant color, first wash your helmet and then you paint it with a base color using the color white. Then color back with most colors you like or you can draw the pattern that you want to use, the right color combination is black with red. But it's all up to you to combine any color.
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