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Typography (Typography) is the arrangement of letters which is a letter manipulation technique by arranging its spread in the available fields to make as many impressions as possible as much as possible when reading both close and long so that the meaning and meaning of the writing can be conveyed very well visually to the reader .

The role of typography itself is to connect ideas or information from the page to the observer. Sometimes unconsciously, every day and every time we are always in touch with typography. Such as clothing labels that we usually wear, newspapers or magazines that we read and many other examples.
The following are several types of letters, including the following:
1. Roman
This letter has a fin / foot / serif characteristic that is taper shaped at the end. Roman letters have a thickness and thinness that contrasts the lines of the letters. The impression produced by this letter is graceful, classic, feminine and graceful.

2. Egyptian
It is a type of letter that has a foot / fin / serif characteristic that is square shaped like a board with the same or almost the same thickness. The impression produced by this letter is sturdy, sturdy, strong and stable.

3. Sans Serif
The purpose of San Serif is that there is no fin / serif, so this type of letter does not have fins at the end of the letter but has the same or almost the same thickness of letters. The impression produced by this type of letter is contemporary, modern and efficient.

4. Script
Script letters are letters that resemble hand scratches that are done with sharp pencils, pens, or brushes and are usually tilted to the right. The impression produced by this letter is personal and intimate.

5. Miscellaneous
This type of letter is the development of existing forms of letters. Plus ornaments and ornaments, or decorative lines. The resulting impression is decorative and ornamental.

Well, that's the explanation about typography ... Hopefully it will be useful ...
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