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Four key Feng Shui terms considered in more detail later in this article are defined below.

'Poison Arrows': These create turbulent Shar Qi (see below), invisibly affecting people dwelling in homes opposite such features and unaware of such problems, their health and happiness can suffer. Feng Shui offers remedies to those alert to this issue, which is unfortunately, little known in the West.

Qi: Pronounced 'chee' is life-energy circulating both within and around us. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says balanced Qi-flow into and out of the body (and home) is essential for good health.

Shar Qi: Stale turbulent unhealthy Qi. For example that which the body (and home) needs to eliminate.

Sheng Qi: Good healthy fresh Qi. For example that which the body (and home) needs to assimilate.

Recommendations For Home Exteriors

Home Exterior Doors

1. Front and back doors shouldn't be directly opposite each other as beneficial Sheng Qi will flow out of the home and be lost this way.

2. The ideal front door comprises one single panel and opens inwards, allowing Sheng Qi to enter (two equal-sized panels are next best).

3. Avoid doors opening directly onto busy streets.

4. Mechanical metal doorbells can have the same enlivening effect on your hallway as wind chimes (but make sure you like the former's ringing-tone before installing these).

Immediately Outside the Home

'Poison Arrows'

There are no straight lines in nature as human beings alone produce these. Natural Qi-flow can be held-back, trapped, or caused to rush through locations designed without thought of its existence and filled with angular shapes. Such irregular Qi-flow can bring invisible and mysterious ill-health and misfortune to individuals unaware of its potential to do so.

Triangular and arrow-like protrusions, in particular, pointing at buildings can affect inhabitants adversely via the Qi-turbulence they produce directly opposite and such locations should be avoided if possible. Counter-measures, like planting a high-hedge or erecting a fence, screening and protecting individuals from undesirable effects are essential otherwise.

5. 'Poison Arrows' include triangular Estate-Agents (and other people's) signs and notices, old-style roof-mounted T.V. antennae, large tree-branches pointing directly at windows and the sharp corners of buildings located opposite.

6. Immediately outside a residential property a Bus Stop is bad Feng Shui but is good Feng Shui outside a commercial one.

7. Avoid spots facing 'T' junctions or locations on the outside of sharp bends to prevent unwanted incursions of traffic.

8. Street-lights outside bedroom windows can lead to sleepless nights.

9. Don't let creepers like ivy grow over your roof and cover it as this resembles a trap or net.

10. It's advisable not to live next door to a cemetery or hospital--houses of the living and dead should be well separated.


Feng Shui, the 'Art of Location and Placement' embodies key principles relating to the positioning of dwellings and their internal layout whose practical employment helps to harmonise internal and external Qi-flows improving the health, fortune and circumstances of inhabitants accordingly. A systematic study of Feng Shui and implementation of recommendations, even at a basic level soon produces favourable results.

It is a known fact that any kind of siding is better than a high priced paint on the outer walls of your home. It is mainly due to adverse effects of sever weather. In areas like Europe and England, where heavy rains are permanent feature of weather throughout the year, traditional paints do not work. These amazing tiles can protect your home in a better way. Fast colors of these tiles keep exterior of your house intact for a long time. Normally they can last for about 25 to 30 years, which is definitely a reasonable period.

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