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Our living environment can change dramatically as we go through various stages of life. It is obviously easier to move into a larger space but quite a challenge to move into smaller space. Hence the need to be aware of various space saving strategies so you can turn a smaller living area into an attractive, practical, comfortable home!

Look over the following space saving tips and ideas and see what you can pull out and utilize in your own house or apartment:

1. Keep walkways clear and carefully think out the positioning of furniture so windows and doors are clear, giving an airy feeling.

2. Organize your space according to priority. Give space to the things you do every day and the things you need and use everyday. Items only used occasionally can be packed or put in less accessible places.

3. Install bookshelving above some doorways for items you seldom use.

4. Think of replacing some interior doors with curtains so the space right up to the door frame can be utilized.

5. How much space do your CD's and CD racks take up? Now computers come with masses of hard disk space, consider transferring all your music to computer and doing away with sprawling CD collections.

6. Consider fold away beds which are hidden behind attractive cabinets.

7. Pay attention to lighting. A well lit space seems bigger. Either utilize all the natural light you have or invest in carefully placed artificial lighting to create that roomy effect.

8. Make a storage chest double up as a coffee table.

9. Utilize hallway space with bookshelves, this is a wonderful underused space saving idea.

10. Use mirrors judiciously. In a particularly cramped area, a good sized wall mirror can transform the space.

11. How big a fridge/freezer do you really need? Through tight organization and thoughtful purchasing, you can probably get by with a smaller model, even one which fits under a counter top (fridge only).

12. Choose a coffee table that has drawers for remote controls, and odds and ends.

13. In some sections of the room put bookshelving in from floor to ceiling.

14. Keep your computer equipment neat and tidy with a carefully chosen armoire. With the slide of a door, a messy area can be transformed with this attractive piece of furniture. Besides, apart from saving space, the armoire helps you stay organized, keeping your computer, supplies and peripherals all tightly in one place.

15. Keep brooms and mops from cluttering the floor by installing strategically placed wall hooks, thus keeping them up and out of the way in a small corner.

16. Utilize the space under the bed by purchasing storage boxes that fit to keep bed linen, towels, clothes, etc. out of the way. This frees up wardrobe space for clothing!

17. Think out your colors carefully. If your room follows a theme, for example, if the furniture coordinates with the color of the walls, it will seem less obtrusive and give the illusion of more space than you really have.

18. Don't hoard! Items that are broken and beyond repair - get rid of. Items with some value but which you are unlikely to ever use again either give away or sell off in a boot sale!

19. Investigate the world of hangers. See what varieties are available at the large supermarkets or home centers and choose space saving designs such as cascading hangers which allow a number of garments on one hanger.

20. Finally, use the internet as a research tool and educate yourself in small space design. Simply entering the phrase "space saving" (include quotes) in will yield hundreds of photographs showing very innovative storage and layout ideas.

Thankfully, there is a huge selection of wonderful designs, space saving furniture items, and utilities now available for the smaller home and apartment allowing you to still enjoy your home, even if it smaller than before.

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