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The description of Simple Pencil Holder Tutorial

Pencil holders are not only functional, but they can also be a cute or fun addition to any office or desk. Pencil holders can be made from almost anything, and you can usually find the supplies for a pencil holder lying around your home. You can make a cute, glitzy, rustic, vintage, simple, or modern pencil holder. The options are endless so have fun with it and do something creative.

here you will be introduced how to make a aimple pencil holder step by step in some parts

part 1 Using Different Items for a Pencil Holder
- Recycle aluminum cans. These items are perfect for pencil holders because they are a good shape and can usually be found around the house. Next time you make a cup of soup, cook vegetables, or make beans, save your can. Simply rinse it out and set it aside so that you can later reuse it.
- Use a toilet paper roll. Almost everyone has these and they are great pencil cans, and can be grouped together to form cool designs. You'll need to create a bottom for your holder but that is simple. Simply trace the circumference of your toilet paper roll onto thick cardboard. Then, cut out that cardboard and tape it to the toilet paper roll until it is secure.
- Find an old mason jar. Mason jars can create the perfect, rustic look for a pencil holder, but can also be decorated to be a very pretty, simple holder. If you don't have an old mason jar you can purchase them at the store for an inexpensive price.
- Use a piece of wood. F Saw off the excess wood so you have your desired height. Then, take a drill bit (7/16 inch is a good size) and drill holes into your wood. Then, finish it off by sanding your piece until it has a smooth finish
- Reuse a crystal light container. Simply peel off the label of the can once you have emptied out its contents and you are ready to decorate!
- Recycle an old shampoo bottle. Rinse it out and cut it to use as a pencil holder. Take off the lid and then cut off the top quarter of the bottle.

part 2 Designing Your Pencil Holder
- Clean it. Before you begin to decorate your pencil holder, you'll want to make sure it is thoroughly clean. If you are using a glass, can, or plastic item, rinse it out with water and soap and clean the outside as well.
- Paint your holder. There are so many different ways you can decorate your pencil holder, but one of which is painting it a solid color or with a design.
- Tint or color your jars. If you have a clear glass jar, painting the outside of it can be difficult because the paint may not stick very well.
- Cover it with fabric or scrapbook paper. Take your material and cut a size to fit your holder. Then, glue it onto your holder with hot glue or by covering your container with mod lodge and then spreading the fabric onto the mod-podged container.
- Decorate with rope or yarn. If so, use twine, rope, or yarn to decorate your container. Simply take the color and texture of material you want and start at the bottom of your holder. Glue the beginning of your rope with hot glue and as you wind up your container continue to add hot glue. Then, cut off the rest of your material once you have reached the top.
- Add embellishments. Now that you've covered your container with paint, fabric, or rope, you can add any extra embellishments. then, finish.

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please enjoy this and give us any feedback.
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