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The description of Seemanchal Khabar - Seemanchal Local News Khabar

Seemanchal Khabar (Local News App For Kishanganj District) is a News app that keeps updated you with the latest news affairs from all over seemanchal region. "Seemanchal Khabar" fancies itself as the cure for infobesity. It's a news aggregate app. It sources news from all blocks of Kishanganj Districts. We are a team of over 25 members and growing. You tell the app the kinds of stuff you like to read. The app then uses its sources to give you a feed of news that isn't as fatiguing to your brain as many others. The app also includes trending news, a daily digest to show you the biggest news of the day, and you can customize your experience as you go. It takes a while to learn your tastes. However, it's one of the great news apps once it does. It's free to use.

Seemanchal Khabar offers news updates from following regions and blocks of Kishanganj District.
Block wise news updates;








Kishanganj local news app that usually not half bad. We at Seemanchal Khabar - Khabar Seemanchal focus more on things happening around Surjapuri community. Most people focus on the worldwide news and affairs but here we inform you the latest and relevant updates from Surjapuri Communit . Sometimes we lose track of what's happening in our own cities. Generally, this app is simple. Khabar Seemanchal just show the news and sometimes even the weather. On first screen of the app you can see block list of Kishanganj District that makes us #1 Local News App of Seemanchal Region. We have local newspapers with apps as well. For instance, Kishanganj or Surjapuri community has its own app. Sometimes we are great. Sometimes we're not. Seemanchal Khabar- Khabar Seemanchal lets you read what matters. Local news is important too.

What We Offers:

*Kishanganj Local News,
*Seemanchal Local News,
*Surjapuri Community Affairs,
*Local Issues,
* Pothia, Thakurganj, Bahadurganj, Terhagachh, Dighalank, Kochadhaman, kishanganj, Chhattergachh, Bahadurpur, Dighli, Jhiljhili, Gopalpur, Powakhali, Sabodangi, Sontha, Doodhaunti, Amaljhari, Baksa, , Dogachhi,Sohagi, Janta Haat, Damalbari, Jahangirpur, Maheshmara, Phulhara, Belwa, Tengarmari, Amajhari, Barchondi, Bhotathana, Ratua, Islampur, Panasi, Sheetalpur, Gunjaria, Kashibari, Lohagara, Chichuabari, Taiyabpur, Sonapur, Jalalpur, Nimlagaon, Kushiyari, Naukatta, Geramari, Dangi Basti, Galgaliya Pool, Saithabari, Tappu Jharbari, Ghasikura, Aambari, Rasia Dangi, Bebaldangi, Simalbari, Manikpur, Bhogdawar, khanki, Nawnadi, Kowwabhita, Munshibhita, Jalmilik, Andabari, Telibhita, Dhakorpet, and many from local areas News updates,

Seemanchal Khabar is the most renowned news provider in Seemanchal Region. It is known for presenting unbiased and non-sensational news. And the Seemanchal Khabar- Khabar Seemanchal Android news app completely justifies their vision.

The app shows news from every local areas of Kishanganj at one tap. The news feed section comes in different layout options and even extends a live- streaming news channel within the app itself. You can also change notification settings and turn background syncing off.

Why use Seemanchal Khabar- Kishanganj Local News App?

Respected News Agency all over Kishanganj

Different layout settings

Permission for using data

Contact Us,
Harmain Raza, CEO Seemanchal Khabar
Address- Bahadurpur, Thakurganj, Kishanganj, Bihar 855116
Phone Number- +91-8446813238
Email- [email protected]
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