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The Japanese have always been known as the masters of nature. They even have a religion that believes that everything in the world has a soul. The ancient Japanese religion of Shinto believes everything in the world contains a Kami which is the living essence of everything that has lived and will ever live in the world.

How's that for being connected with Nature. The japans are so connected that they are in every being, every tree, every rock and all that your eyes can see. This connection can be seen in their art. It can be seen in the way they co-exist with their environment and it is most evident in their garden design.

Japanese Gardens are one of the most serene gardens you can find. There is a silent strength that you can gather from its simplicity and elegance. It is the perfect utilization of nature in a confined utilitarian environment.

The Japanese garden is a great representation of nature because it makes use of the same elements you will find in the woods, beach and see. The natural elements like trees, rock and sands are all normally seen in the gardens of these types.

Some of the common elements you can find in the Japanese gardens are grasses and rocks. Rocks are great because they provide a strong foundation to build your garden on. It has a strength that you cannot normally find in strong hedges. Stonework also gives additional textures that you normally don't find in other gardens.

Some of the things you can find in Japanese gardens are stone sculptures. Small sculptures representing temples are also commonly seen in Japanese gardens. Pebbles are also used to create Japanese rock gardens. These Japanese rock gardens are dry landscapes that make use of stone arrangements to represent natural landscapes. These stone gardens are also referred to as Zen garden.

The other thing you will find in a Japanese Garden is grass. This can be either be seen as grass surrounding the rocks and ground covering but it can also provide height to the design through the use of natural bamboo. It is the perfect complement to the rocks because it adds softening contrast to the hardness of rocks and stone.

Trees and plants are also a major part of a Japanese design. For larger gardens you can usually find a large juniper bush or other Japanese trees. For smaller gardens bushes are a great addition to the design. The design is more sophisticates and it also complements the great stones you have added.

Other gardens can also use a small version of a tree. This is a bonsai tree and it is one of the most Japanese things you can add to your garden. It is not necessary in a Japanese garden but it could be a great focal point.

This Japanese garden can be yours with a little work and a little planning. Try this for yourself and you will find that this garden is what you have been looking for. Call a landscaper today and get one step closer to your dream garden.

Landscape gardeners and gardening enthusiasts seem to love the idea of Japanese design these days. Perhaps, it's the calming beauty of the style that makes it popular in homes, offices, and commercial establishments. The natural, minimalist scenery it provides is something that you want to return to all the time.

To be able to recreate the authentic gardens of Japan right in your own property, you need to have their essential landscaping elements. Below are some of them to help you get started.

Sand and stones are always present in this type of garden. Many Japanese, particularly in the ancient times, give high regard to large stones. Gravel was and still is used for sacred grounds in shrines all over the country. The more modern interpretation would have the large stones represent the mountains and hills. They're also used as materials for the bridges and paths that are basics in this landscape, too. Gravel serves as edges and accents for water elements like ponds and streams.

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