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Bonsai is planting a mini version of a plant Bonsai plants will be planted in pots that have been adapted Only a few species of plants that can be made bonsai that is not less interesting with the original version
Preparation phase
To start making bonsai you need some preparation. First is a picky bulb that is quite large and the pattern according to your taste. Then prepare the pot that matches the bonsai shape. Prepare planting media for bonsai Provide 3 mm wire and scissors for making process
Creating Media Planting
For the process of forming the stem part, bonsai plants should not get excessive nutritional food So you should use a solid planting medium and have little nutrients For example use the ground and a little pebbles / small stones
Shaping Patterns
Bonsai pattern is formed using stainless steel wire measuring at least 3 mm. This wire serves to hold the branches and shape them to a specific pattern. Long pattern formation is indeterminate, the wire may be removed when you have got the pattern you want.
To make a good pattern, you must know the correct way of wiring. The trick is to wrap a circle from the base of the branch to the end of the limb To keep the limb from breaking, you must be careful when the installation process Use the help of pliers to facilitate you in wire wrap .
In wrapping the wire, you need not hesitate to make it stick with the limb. Usually the wire would be a nice decoration when the bonsai grows
This fourth step is actually a standard that must be done to treat each type of plant. Just like any other bonsai plants should be given fertilizer with the appropriate dose, no need to overdo it. The elements that must be present in the fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These three elements are an important factor in the growth of bonsai
In the early phase, bonsai haru adaptation when moving from one planting media to another planting medium. The adaptation process usually lasts between 2 to 3 weeks. During that time do not use fertilizer, let the roots recover and have adapted. Place the bonsai on an area that is not exposed to light directly
Before entering the pot, you should trim the root of bonsai. This is done to keep the roots of bonsai so as not to grow excessively. If left unchecked, the roots of the bonsai can overpower the pot and make the area of ​​growing media less
Pruning should also be done on the bonsai leaf Pruning that periodically can make your bonsai will look beautiful and neat
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