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Bonsai requires attention and care in order to grow beautiful and perfect. But that does not mean caring for bonsai is something difficult.
Here are some easy tips to care for your bonsai:
Although it was about putting bonsai in the house, it is recommended to occasionally bring bonsai out of the house to be exposed to direct sunlight.
Set aside daily schedule eg in the morning for bonsai obtain sufficient sun exposure.
Do not be too long 'sunning' bonsai. Simply do a few hours. Too much sun will actually make bonsai leaves become dry and damage the roots.
Best indoor bonsai planted in pots. Pot can be replaced once a year. When replacing the trim pot roots are too long. It will spruce roots while giving the opportunity to grow new roots.
When replacing a pot, you might have to look for a new pot larger. Certain types of bonsai has a fairly rapid growth rate. Use a pot that is devoted to bonsai.
Do you not know the type of bonsai you have?
If not, identify the kinds of bonsai will be important for to know its characteristics. Sufficient information will make it easier to care for your bonsai plants.
In addition, it is also important to have adequate garden tools. Bonsai need to be trimmed from time to time to maintain its beauty.
It is also important to check the type of soil and fertilizer used. Fertilizer can be used once a month to maintain the health of the plant.
Bonsai should be watered in an amount sufficient, but not too much. Make sure the pot has a hole to remove excess water. Too much water will cause the growth of mold and make the roots rot.
If you have pets, animal, place the bonsai in a safe place that is not marred by a dog or cat.
Insects can also cause damage to the indoor bonsai. Be sure to monitor the presence of insects around your bonsai
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