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Do you have trouble drawing mythical creatures?This app will teach you "how to draw a dragon" step by step. Dragons are one of the famous mythical creatures from ancient mythology. Some are portrayed as being beautiful friendly beast of the skies, and then there are some who say they were evil creatures that terrorized kingdoms and villages. We also heard the tales of the great Dragon Slayers who came by request of the king or hired by small villagers to rid them of their dragon problems. Dragons were endowed with brains. Another words they were smart, very smart. Although they were seen flying in the skies they lived in dark caves that were as far away as possible from all mankind. Every Dragon looked different. Depending on the culture they came from, there were many descriptions of them. Some lived in the sea (hence the tale of the sea serpent), some were bigger than others, some were portrayed as gods, they were even said to have magical powers that usually accompanied a great sorcerer. One thing is for certain, dragons still do and always have possessed the power to charm or allure us into their world until we got lost in the mystery of The Dragon.
You can found how to draw :
1)How to draw a Perched Dragon.
2)How to draw the Bewilderbeast.
3)How to draw Dragon Applejack.
4)How to draw blue dragon.
5)How to draw a Dragon Head.
6)How to draw Charizard.
7)How to draw Charmander.
8)How to draw a Dragon Lugia.
9)How to draw Dragon Pleakley.
10)How to draw Dragon Jumba.
11)How to draw Porunga.
12)How to draw a Baby Hideous Zippleback.
13)drawing toothless.
14)draw Stormfly,Stormfly.
15)How to draw a Dragon Eye,Smaug.
16)How to draw Chibi Night Fury.
17)How to draw a Dragon Tattoo.
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