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Ordinary griller or griller is quite wide and long so it is inefficient to carry around if traveling so I will make a toaster that can be folded so it does not take place to store it and easy to carry This grill is suitable for you who often travel to camp, burn sate at home and others Simply folded and can be taken anywhere where Materials to make it also uses scrap metal that is not used anymore at home. You just cut up the iron plate and then you wrap it together
Iron plate thickness 3 mm 1.5cm x 44 cm (4 pieces)
Iron plate thickness 1 mm 33cm x 15 cm, 34cm x 15 cm and 32 cm x 5 cm
8 mm bolt (2 pieces)
8 mm (2 pieces)
wire 2 mm
Small hinges
Cat is heat resistant
Drill and drill 8 mm
Grind cut
Electric welding
How to make:
To make the legs of the grill prepare 4 pieces of iron plate 3mm size 1.5cm x 44cm (I get from the iron commonly used for home window trellis) then drill with a distance of holes 16cm from the tip of the iron.
after being given a hole, input bolts and nuts on two iron plates and welding nut on the iron plate. bolts and nuts serve as a hinge to allow the toaster to be opened and closed. (use the same way for the other two iron plates)
3. Next remove the bolt, then weld the iron plate 1mm on each leg.
4. If it is, we can re-assemble as x and then bolt it
5. Now the toaster is almost finished, but we need to install a small stopper so the toaster does not open too wide when opened. Wrap small pieces of iron on the bottom of the bolt
6. To place the charcoal, prepare the plate size 32 × 5 cm and plug in the center of the grill using a hinge. This section is paired with a hinge so that the grill can be folded when finished using
7. Make 2 triangular cover pieces for the side of the grill, and apply a hole using the drill.
8. Use the wire to make the grill the top of the grill. Bend the wire using pliers, then weld
To get a good finish, spray heatproof paint on the outside of the grill and the grill is ready for use
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