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If ever a game needed a great guide, it’s Guide. It’s rare for a modern game to be designed so meticulously to enrage and engulf its players in a world that doesn’t offer even the most basic assistance. Its enemies are relentless and its areas labyrinthine. Just providing players with area maps is enough to make slowly inching around each corner a little easier to bear

CHARAKTER 01 – Game System
The Game System covers all of the many ele-ments that make up the game, explaining how each one works and the ways in which they affect the player. Read this chapter ?rst if you want to head into Dark Souls fully informed, but be warned that there may be some very minor spoilers about elements from later in the game.
CHAPTER 02 – Enemy Guide
This chapter acts as a directory of the game’s enemies, sorted by the area in which each one ?rst appears. If you’re having trouble with a particular enemy or boss then this is the place to come for help. If you simply want to see the data for an enemy, you can refer to the full data charts at the end of this chapter.
CHAPTER 03 – Area Guide
The Area Guide chapter can be used either as a full walkthrough to help you ?nd your way safely through every area, or as a reference for the items and enemies you’ll ?nd within each area. The maps here will be invaluable if you want to know something about the area you’re in or how to get to a particular place.
CHAPTER 04 – Weapons & Equipment
The game’s vast collection of weapons, shields and armor is presented in its entirety in this chapter for easy reference. You’ll ?nd all the im-portant stats, including data for various levels of upgrade, and overviews of the different types of weapons you can use.
CHAPTER 05 – Magic & Items
The game’s full compliment of Magic and items are all covered here in detail. You’ll ?nd the stats for each item and descriptions of what each one does or is used for. In the case of Magic, each set of spells has its strengths and weaknesses analyzed.
CHAPTER 06 – Extras
This chapter is crammed with extra information on topics that players wanting to get the most out of the game will ?nd extremely useful. The “of Dark Souls” section details everything you’ll need to know NPCs and their appearances and events. Then there’s the “Achievement/Trophy Guide” section, designed to help you get every single Achievement or Trophy, and sections for New Game + and Rare Enemies that reveal valuable information for dedicated players.

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