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this is a guide for Donkey Kong 64
Donkey Kong 64 is a 3D platforming adventure game in which the player, as Donkey Kong and his friends, explores an island and collects items to progress through minigames and puzzles. The Donkey Kong 64 game follows a traditional storyline in which K. Rool and his Kremlings invade Donkey Kong's idyllic island and kidnap his friends. After a tutorial, the player in Donkey Kong 64 embarks as Donkey Kong to rescue them and reclaim enough bananas to face K. Rool.The player in Donkey Kong 64 finds these bananas while exploring the in-game world and as rewards for completing puzzles and minigames. Most of the puzzles are simple, and involve either Concentration-style matching, arranging other items, or manipulating switches and tiles to enter new areas. Minigames in Donkey Kong 64 include minecart rides, barrels that shoot the characters as a projectile, and races.Each of the eight worlds in Donkey Kong 64 has 25 golden bananas, with five accessible only to each of the five individual characters to collect in any order.[7] Bananas let the player access boss fights, which unlock new in-game worlds.Each world follows a theme, such as underwater, forest, jungle, and factory. The player in Donkey Kong 64 can fast travel between sections of the level with designated warp pads, and can swap between characters in designated swap barrels. The player in Donkey Kong 64 also collects banana coins, which unlock new weapons and abilities, and other collectibles such as weapon ammunition and blueprint puzzle pieces. Similar to gameplay in other games by Rare, the player often encounters an impossible situation (e.g., indestructible object or an out-of-reach area) and must eventually backtrack to resolve the impasse after acquiring a new ability.

Donkey Kong's kidnapped friends become playable characters after the player rescues them. Each of the five characters in Donkey Kong 64 begin with basic abilities and add new, unique abilities over time, such that a specific character ability might be necessary for solving a puzzle. For example, only Donkey Kong can smash dirt for banana coins, only Chunky Kong can lift rocks, only Tiny Kong can crawl through holes, only Diddy Kong can fly, and only Lanky can float. Additionally, each character's weapon shoots a different item and each plays a different musical instrument. For example, some doors in Donkey Kong 64 can only be opened with Donkey Kong's coconut projectiles and others can only be opened with Diddy Kong's guitar. Since these abilities outnumber the quantity of face buttons on the controller, some are only accessible when the player presses a button combination: changes in camera angle, a sniper mode, and a snapshot mode, which unlocks more in-game secrets. Playable versions of Donkey Kong of the 1981 Donkey Kong and 1983 Jetpac are hidden within the game.The player-character can also ride animals, such as a rhino and swordfish, who recur from earlier series games.Optional hardware support includes a widescreen mode[5] and Rumble Pak compatibility.

please note that this is not a game but a guide for Donkey Kong 64.

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