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For the last few years, we’ve proudly hung my original TuTu Halloween Wreath on our front door to get into the Halloween spirit, but since we made-over our blah white front door into a “boom!” black one, we knew we’d have to come up with something a little more colorful this year.

And since the kids are getting older, it’s fun to put up something with a bit of whimsy… and teeth.

we made this Tulle Monster Wreath using the same concept as the TuTu Wreath, but added a few touches that brought him to life.

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make your own:

1 styrofoam wreath (mine was 14″)
2 styrofoam balls (size of your choice, depending on how big you want the eyeballs)
100 yards of tulle on a spool (I grossly overestimated how much of this I’d need and bought 200 yards/2 spools)
black paint and paint brush
1 sheet of white foam
scrap fabric and ribbon for a bow-tie
hot glue gun
2 toothpicks

1. The first thing you want to do is paint the eyes. Just put a little circle of black paint in the center of each styrofoam ball and then set them to dry on some cups. This set-up looks like it could also double as a college drinking game of some sort.

2. Next, cut your tulle.  and wound the entire spool of tulle around a box I had laying around. This box will surely ship something… at some point…maybe.

3. This is SO. MUCH. EASIER. and wayyyyy faster than the previous methods we’ve used to cut the tulle strips. you cut the tulle down both sides of the box, making the strips about a foot long each.

4. Next,  tied the tulle to the wreath just like we did with original TuTu Wreath. Click through for the tutorial and pictures.

5. managed to squeeze all 100 yards on it, and it was quite fluffy when it was done.

6. The eyes should be dry by now because it’s probably taken you at least 45 minutes to tie all that on…. or 4 days if you get distracted easily. Use two tooth picks to attach them to the wreath.

It’s alive!!!

7. Next, lay it face down and cut down the foam pieces to fit inside it’s “mouth” with enough room to glue it around the edges.

8. Before gluing it down, cut out the teeth. we just freehanded this part and made some basic triangles.

9. we also used a small scrap of fabric and a piece of scrap ribbon to make a giant bow tie for him and hot glued that to the front.

Several people have pointed out to me that this could easily double for a Muppet-inspired wreath. Turn this guy into Elmo or Cookie… or even Oscar if you’re hosting a Sesame Street themed party at your place. we’d skip the teeth.                                            for further information and detail tutorial, download this application now and you will have what you want.
please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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