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The description of DIY Washi Tape Wall

Being an artist for your own crib is one of the most exciting activities you can practice at home. Walls, ceilings, windows and curtains can function as canvases for the painter hid inside of you as long as you dare to exercise your talent. To help you, we gathered a bunch of ideas in the gallery below, most of them dedicated to DIY wall decorations with Washi tape. Easy to handle, this style of paper was first made in Japan from bamboo, rice or wheat. It is produced in a traditional manner, similar to that of ordinary paper, but fewer chemicals are used. Thanks to its flexibility and affordable price, Washi paper has become very trendy in design, art, cuisine, clothing and furniture. And, not least, Washi tape with adhesive can be an excellent material for DIY wall decorations. Explore the gallery and pick the best ideas for your home!

Washi tape that crafters are completely OBSESSED with. It also has a magic power that makes everything it’s stuck to the most adorable thing in the world.

Colorize your window blinds. Make tiny flags. Wrap washi tape around a toothpick and cut triangles out to create a flag. Makes an adorable cupcake or sandwich decoration. Or use them as cocktail stirrers. Transform a computer keyboard.
Cover a boring notebook. Line the inside of a lampshade.
Or the outside of one. Decorate a planter. Check out these awesomely planters using recycled ramen noodle containers. Make your own washi tape.
You can use tissue paper, napkins or even old newspaper. Decorate your cups. Wrap washi tape around some inexpensive plastic cups for a party. Make decorative twisty ties. Make the most adorable gift wrap that ever existed. Washi tape a car.
Or a bike. Or a staircase. Label those cords. This alone is a reason to order a shipment of washi tape. It makes a pretty insane wallpaper. Give yourself a washi tape pedicure. Decorate some wooden spoons. Make washi tape coasters. Best hack ever: washi tape a boring table. Use it to mark a calendar. Make your clothes pins cuter. And your binder clips. Decorate a ceiling fan. Make magnets that look like pieces of tape. Decorate a candle. Make a garland. Or bunting for cupcakes.
Create tiny bookmarks. Cover your laptop. Decorate some vases. Decorate your furniture. Make mason jars just a little more special. It makes a really easy photo frame. Now those polaroids are even more adorable than they already are.
Use it to cover book spines. Be really artsy with it. Make it look like an art installation or gallery wall. Make a ribbon for a winner. Decorate a wall shelf. Update your sunglasses. Decorate an otherwise boring cork board. Redo a kitchen. Decorate glass candle holders. Cover an embarrassing Phone case. Use it as temporary wallpaper. Cover an otherwise boring box. Make a playhouse.

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