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There's nothing like a pair of novelty earrings. Bottle cap earrings can make great conversation starters, and they are a great way to recycle used bottle caps. All you need are some bottle caps and some basic jewelry craft pieces, and you'll have adorable new earrings in no time. This app will show you how to make them.

First, making dangling earrings, Find two matching bottle caps. Make sure that they are clean. If they are dirty, wash them using soap and warm water. Pat them dry with a paper towel. Place the bottle cap down on a sturdy surface. The best surface to work on would be a slab of wood or an old cutting board you won't mind poking holes in. Punch a hole into the bottle cap. Place a small, thin nail against the top of the bottle cap. Hit the top of the nail with a hammer. twist open a jump ring. Take hold the jump ring with a pair of jewelry pliers, making sure that the seam is facing upwards. Pinch the other side of the jump ring with your fingers or another pair of pliers. Slip the jump ring through the hole you made earlier. Don't close the ring just yet. Cut a 1 to 2 inch (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) long piece of delicate chain. Use a pair of wire cutters to do this. Even though you are working on one earring at a time, it might be a good idea to cut the chain for your other earring at this time as well.Slip one end of the chain onto the jump ring, and twist the ring close. Grab the jump ring again with your jewelry pliers. Make sure that the seam is facing upwards again. Pinch the other part of the jump ring with your fingers or another pair of pliers. Attach another jump ring to the top of each chain. Pull open a new jump ring as before, and slip it onto the top of the chain. Slip an earring hook onto the jump ring and twist it close. Use the same twisting motion as you did on the first jump ring. Repeat the whole process of the other earring. When you are done, you can wear the earrings

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