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applications in which there are special designs to make diamonds and the resulting image has a pretty good quality. the images can be directly shared to social media and can be saved to your phone gallery

Diamond diamonds are crystallized, or allotropic, (allotropes of carbon include graphite and fullerene). It is the most famous and useful excavation among 3,000 known digs. The famous diamond for its great physical qualities, especially its hardness-the word (diamond) taken from the Greek adamas (αδάμας; "impossible to tame") - and their pursuit of light.

These and other features make diamonds a favorite of jewelry and a variety of refining utilities. Most diamonds are flocked rather than volcanoes, where they are left behind by volcanoes that originate in the Earth's stomach, which originate from a depth of 90 rocks (150 km) to Earth, where pressure and temperature are appropriate for diamond formation.

Most diamonds are trafficked from central and southern Africa, although a large number of excavations are found in Canada, Russia, Brazil, and Australia. Approximately 130 million Karat (26,000 kg) of diamonds are armed each year, totaling nearly $ 9 billion. In addition, it is almost four times that of the jatim produced by humans as synthetic diamond.

The diamond's pull as a precious stone lies in its hardness and optical features. The diamonds used as gems are cut and rubbed into many angle shapes to enhance this exciting quality. The diamond hardness justifies it is well-lubricated and the calar holds (only other diamonds are able to pass the diamond), giving it a good glow.

The impregnation of white light to rainbow colors, recognized in this field as fire, is another major feature of diamond gems, and has been valued throughout history. Diamond gems are usually judged by the four characteristics that are Rust, Clear, Color, and Pieces - four C: carat, clarity, color, and cut. Diamonds have been valued as gems since at least 2,500 years ago when they were used as iconic keaikamaan in India. The fame of diamonds as gems began to rise in the nineteenth century when the shape of the proposed pieces increased the quality of diamonds as gems.

Diamonds in the use of refineries have been linked to their violence; these traits make diamond the best material for cutting and lubricating tools - regular use including saw blades and maa rods or the use of diamond powder as abrasive material. Other distinctive uses are also manifest or being advanced, including use as semiconductors; blue diamonds are semiconductors of all time, versus other diamonds that are good trappers. The diamond quality of refineries is usually not suitable for use as gems or artificially produced, which makes their prices cheaper and economical to use.

The use of refineries, especially as the eyes of the riders and the carving, are also common since the past. Income and diamond billing are usually located within the control of several major players, and are centered on traditional diamond trading (most of all in Antwerp). De Beers Group, based in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England, is the largest player in the diamond industry for over a hundred years; the company and its subsidiaries have their own diamond heads producing about 40 percent of the world's diamond income, and escorting a circulation channel that controls nearly two-thirds of all world diamonds.

A partial dispute about diamonds due to the monopolistic deeds used by De Beers includes a tight escort for stockpile and price manipulation, as well as the deeds of some African revolution groups that sells diamond contentions to finance their often ferocious activities.

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