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Rainbow Looms are cheap, fun bands that you can get at many craft stores around the world. A fun hobby for anyone, weaving bracelets on a Rainbow Loom is easy and the items make great gifts or just accessories for family and friends. You'll find three methods in the article below. Get started with Step 1 below or see the table of contents above to find a method that sounds fun for you!

Basic Bracelet
Set up your Rainbow Loom kit. Read the instructions that came with your loom and set it up like the directions say. Make sure the U-shaped pegs are facing up. The arrows should be facing away from your body.

Place the first band diagonally. Place your first rubber band diagonally on a peg. Starting with the first middle peg is recommended. It doesn't matter what side you go to when you move the band diagonally, but stick with it.

Place a second band. Place the second band diagonally from the first band, with the last peg you placed a band on serving as the starting point.

Repeat the process. Repeat those steps, reversing the direction of the diagonal each time, until you have what looks like a zig-zag all the way down the loom.

Flip the loom. Flip the rainbow loom so now the pegs are facing downwards. The arrows should be pointing towards your body. This will help you grab the bands to weave them.

Use the hook. Use the hook to grab the second band on the first middle peg from underneath the first band.

Place the band. Flip the band on your hook so that it bends in half (bent over the band above it) and place it over the second peg in the next row. Whether it is to the left or right depends on what you chose earlier.

Starburst Bracelet

Make the perimeter bands. With the arrows pointing up, loop a band from the first center peg to the first left peg.

Make the first burst. Push all of the perimeter bands down.

Make the next bursts. Place a band from the fourth peg of the middle row diagonally to the fourth peg of the right row. Do the clockwise bands again until you have another burst with a bottom that overlaps with the top of the first burst. Continue doing this until the whole loom is filled (inside the perimeter).

Weave all of the bursts. Next, starting from the center of the burst and moving counter-clockwise, use your hook to grab the first half of each band and loop it onto the peg it starts on (going center, peg, center, peg, center, peg, and so on). Always be careful not to dislodge the other bands on the center peg. You should be left with something that looks like a flower or a sun. Do this process for all of the bursts.

Weave the perimeter. Starting with the band that goes around the bottom right and bottom center pegs, grab the end that's wrapped around the bottom center peg and pull it down (without dislodging the other bands)
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