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Curtains or window coverings are not just accessories or accessories. Choosing the right curtains will make the house more beautiful. The color of the curtains that fit the paint color of the walls will also make the house look more beautiful. Curtains are not only as a protective curtain of sunlight, but also serves to make the house more beautiful. There are several things to note in order not wrong in choosing a curtain, among others:
1. Curtain Material
The curtains are curtains made from fabric, while blinds are curtains (window coverings made from aluminum, PVC, bamboo, solid wood or fiber and the like . Both curtain and blind have a variety of types. The equations for each type are usually based on the model and how to operate it.
This type of curtain is known as a classic curtain and modern style. Various models of curtains, can be made from local and imported curtains. Including the type of curtain is a thin or transparent curtain fabric called vitrage or vitrace.Kenis this curtain is usually used as a window covering its function obstructs the outside scene when the curtains are opened.
2.Model Curtains and Colors
Curtain models are usually tailored to the design of the house. If a classic style house then choose a curtain with a model and a complicated design. If the house minimalist style curtains with a minimalist model as well. While in terms of choosing a color, you can choose the concept with a matching color or contrasting colors. Match colors are curtain colors that are in harmony with the color of the walls and curtains of upholstery in it.
As a reference color curtains can be selected from the elements that exist in the room such as wall paint, color bed cover, carpet, or furniture (sofa, table, or sideboard). While the contrast color is a color that does not connect between the curtain upholstery with the wall.
3.Motif Curtains
In addition to different colors, curtains also have a motive that is not the same. Well, to choose any style you must be careful.Such as choosing a color, determine the pattern of curtains can be made in contrast with the dominance of the existing style in the room of the house. For example, if a plain house wall will be easier to choose the pattern of curtains. Conversely, if the wall is patterned, follow the color and texture wall patterns. Do not be too opposite because it will reduce the beauty of the room.
4. Thick thin Curtains
Curtains do not always consist of thick material that can block the total light and view. In certain conditions, the presence of thin and translucent material (vintage) is precisely presented to display the impression of open space in space that has a beautiful appearance. If there is a corner of the house want to be shown outdoors, choose a thin curtain and a little transparent.
5.Price Curtains
The price of curtains usually depends on the selected material, model and accessories complement curtains.All the materials have different price levels that will affect the price.In addition, the more complicated the model of curtains will also be higher price.
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