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Crafts Using Coconut Shell

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The description of Crafts Using Coconut Shell

The coconut tree is one of the most beneficial plants on earth. Every part has a use in this one multipurpose plant, even parts that most people would discard as waste like the coconut shells and fibre. All these parts can be developed to yield high economic value.

The coconut shell has been used for ages as small bowls or spoons and other household articles in many tropical village regions. The shell acts a s a protector of the main fruit and is quite hard with a thickness of 3-5 mm. These shells are imperishable and can be easily formed to make a wide range of articles. Today making arts and crafts with these coconut shells has taken the fancy of millions of people worldwide. It has grown into a major industry with various regions in the country producing a wide range of coconut shell products.

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The coconut shell cover is smoothened, carved in different design, varnished, and then coloured. This process involves remarkable creativity. The artisans create a wide range of decorative and utility items, which are durable and utilitarian. This is an eco friendly craft as it uses non-exhaustible natural resources.

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Products like decorative items, table clocks, flowerpots, tables lambs, idols etc are very popular coconut shell crafts available. Poompuhar has a wide collection of coconut shell craft products of which13x7x2 Inch Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp and the13x7x2 Inch Coconut Shell Giraffe Night Lamp is a good buy for your home or as a gift. Pick up these cute pieces before they are sold out.

Coconut shells, which we discard after extracting the meat can be used to make many craft items. Here I have used a whole coconut shell to make a simple decorative lighting. this lighting can be used in parties, during festivals or any such occasions, which costed nothing but a few hours of labor.

Step 1: Select a Coconut

It is very difficult to find a perfectly shaped coconut. So we use whatever available with us. In most of the husked coconuts, you may find a small portion of fiber left intact covering the three indentations or holes on top of the shell. This prevents the coconut meat from getting spoiled.

Remove the left-over fiber from the coconut and fix it firmly using any kind of attachment so that the three indentations face upwards.

Step 2: Cut a Hole on Top

Using a round cutting tool pit and a drilling machine, cut a hole of about 1-1/2 inches in diameter on top the coconut
Remove the shell and coconut meat from the cut portion and drain out the water from inside the coconut.

Step 3: Remove the Coconut Meat

Using a knife or a coconut scrapper, remove the coconut meat from inside the shell.
Clean the inside with the scrapper so that no trace of the meat remains inside the shell
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