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Incredible Repurposing Projects for Old Jeans that You Just aren’t Ready to Toss

there are a lot of cool things you can do with your old jeans.  you will not wait to start trying these projects, and you’re going to be as excited to pull out your sewing box and get stitching!  Oh yeah, and if you don’t sew, don’t worry—there are some no-sew projects here too!

- denim wreaths
Here’s a super cool and unexpected project which doesn’t require any sewing at all.  If you’ve got a pair of jeans that is just totally shredded and there’s no chance at turning them into another item of clothing, you can use the scraps to make your very own denim wreath.  I never would have thought of this, and it looks great!

- Turn baggy jeans into skinny jeans.
Have a pair of baggy jeans with some holes in them?  Depending on where those holes are, you may be able to simply repurpose them by turning them into skinny jeans.  This tutorial will walk you through it step-by-step.  This project is definitely going to be easiest if you have some sewing experience, but even if you are a beginner you should be able to follow along.  What’s cool about this project is that at the end, you basically could have what amounts to a new pair of jeans in terms of quality, and they will be a perfectly tailored fit.

- Try dip-dyed, ornamented jeans.
Dip-dying is everywhere these days, and that’s because it’s cool!  Well, this isn’t for dip-dying so much as dip-bleaching.  Basically, you want to lighten your jeans at the bottom, and then draw on them using a permanent marker.  This is an incredibly easy project and a great way to revitalize some jeans that maybe have started to fade and lose their color.  While this project looks really cool just as it is, there are so many ways you could customize it to fit your tastes.  An easy and fun project that anyone can do, this would be an awesome one to share with artistic kids.

- Draw on your jeans with a bleach pen.
This is basically the same idea as the one above, only you are doing the exact opposite thing.  Instead of bleaching your jeans for a light backdrop and then drawing on them with a dark permanent marker, you are actually drawing on a dark backdrop with bleach.  The finished effect is really cool, and you can do pretty detailed work.  Just like with the idea above, this is a modification trick you could personalize in many different ways.  Either of these tricks can also be used to decorate any other repurposed creations you make out of denim.

for further information and other ideas, download this now and grab what you want.
please enjoy these Clever DIY Old Jeans Craft Projects and give us any feedback.
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