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this is a guide for Super Mario Galaxy 2
The gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, with a focus on platforming based on and around 3D planets (referred to collectively as galaxies) with varying themes, sizes, landscapes, and climates. The player in Super Mario Galaxy 2 controls Mario (or later in the game, his brother Luigi, though using him is optional), who has special abilities such as the "Spin" attack, long jump, wall jumps, and a variety of Super Mario Galaxy 2 As in the original, the objective of the game is to travel to the various galaxies and collect Power Stars, which are awarded by completing levels and accomplishing tasks and are used to gain access to later levels. The Super Mario Galaxy 2 game retains some gameplay mechanics introduced in the original, such as the blue Star Pointer that allows the player to pick up Star Bits and shoot them at enemies, levels that restrict movement to a 2D plane, balance ball levels, and gravity-reversing background arrows.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 provides the player access to the game's galaxies through means of a map system similar to that in previous Mario games.This is navigated via a mobile planet called Starship Mario (named as such because it is shaped exactly like Mario's head) that serves as a hub world, which can be visited anytime and is expanded when new abilities or levels are unlocked. The Super Mario Galaxy 2 game contains forty-nine galaxies allotted among seven different regions in the universe (called "worlds"), the general difficulty in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is progressively increasing in each world. The first six worlds end with a boss level in which the object is to conquer Bowser or Bowser Jr.(the former being in even-numbered worlds, and the latter being in odd-numbered worlds), which then allows the player to access the next world. When the player in Super Mario Galaxy 2 collects all 120 Power Stars, 120 Green Star levels are unlocked. These levels, containing Green Stars that are hidden or are placed in hard-to-reach areas, require intense exploration and precision and may cause instant death if the player fails. Acquiring all 120 Green Stars awards the player in Super Mario Galaxy 2 with the final, forty-ninth galaxy with two new challenges that are considered exceptionally difficult. Super Mario Galaxy 2 contains 242 unique Power Stars to collect overall
Princess Peach invites Mario to share some cake in Super Mario Galaxy 2 at the Star Festival, a time when Star Bits rain down from the skies over the Mushroom Kingdom. On his way, Mario finds a Luma, who immediately befriends him and grants him the ability to spin. Shortly thereafter, Mario's nemesis Bowser, who has grown to an immense size (after swallowing Grand Stars, unbeknownst to Mario at this point), appears and attacks Princess Peach's Castle. Kidnapping the princess, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bowser escapes into outer space to recreate his empire at the center of the universe. in Super Mario Galaxy 2 After launching into outer space, Mario is given control of Starship Mario, a mobile planetoid in the shape of his head, made by a crafty Luma mechanic called Lubba, powered by Power Stars, and piloted by other Lumas; his mission in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is to fly across the universe in pursuit of Bowser and the Princess and to help Lubba find the lost Lumas that were part of Bowser's plot.

please note that this is not a game but a guide for Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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