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applications in which there are images that can directly be shared kesosial media such as Fb, Twitter, Path, etc.. images that have high-quality graphics that make it comfortable to look at. for those of you who are looking for ceramic models of this application you must have.
Ceramic originally derived from the Greek ceramic which means a form of clay that has undergone a process of burning.
The 1950s dictionary and encyclopedia define ceramics as a result of art and technology to produce items of burned clay, such as pottery, tile, porcelain, and so on. But not all ceramics today come from clay. The definitions of the latest ceramic definition include all non-metallic and inorganic materials in solid form. (Yusuf, 1998: 2).
Generally ceramic compounds are more stable in thermal and chemical environments than the elements. Commonly used ceramic raw materials are felspard, ball clay, quartz, kaolin, and water. The properties of ceramics are strongly determined by the crystal structure, chemical composition and mineral luggage. Therefore the properties of ceramics also depend on the geological environment in which the material is obtained. In general the structure is very complicated with few free electrons.
The lack of some ceramic-free electrons makes most of the electrical materials ceramic not a conductor and also an ugly heat conductor. In addition, ceramics have a fragile, hard, and rigid properties. Ceramics generally have better compressive strength than their tensile strength.
Classification of ceramics
In principle ceramics are divided into:
* Traditional ceramics
Traditional ceramics are ceramics made using natural materials, such as quartz, kaolin, etc. These include ceramics (dinnerware), household utensils (tiles, bricks), and for industry (refractory).
* Fine ceramics
Fine ceramics are ceramics made using metal or metal oxides, such as: metal oxides (Al2O3, ZrO2, MgO, etc.). Its use: heating elements, semiconductors, turbine components, and in the medical field. (Joelianingsih, 2004)
* Properties of Ceramics
Simulate the outer surface layer of the shuttle as it enters the Earth's atmosphere, which heats up to a temperature of 1500 ° C
The common and physically visible nature of most ceramics is britle or brittle, this can be seen in traditional ceramics such as glassware, glassware, jugs, pottery and so on, try dropping a plate made of ceramic compared to a plate of metal, definitely ceramic easily broken, although this nature does not apply to certain types of ceramics, especially types of sintering ceramics, and sintering mixture between ceramics with metal. other properties are high temperature resistant, for example traditional ceramics consisting of clay, flint, and feldspar resistant up to 1200 C temperatures, ceramics such as ceramic oxide are able to withstand up to 2000 C. High compressive strength is the nature that makes research about ceramics growing.
hopefully this app is useful and can be used as expected. criticism and suggestions are needed for application development.
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