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The description of Beautiful Happy Birthday Scrapbook

Use STYROFOAM Brand foam to create a keepsake shadowbox -- for your scrapbook! Frame page and hang in child's room to extend the celebration too.

Completion time – 1 hour

Block, 12" x 12" x 1/2"

Other Materials
Card stock, 12" x 12" sheets, one each: blue;
bright green; orange
Orange/yellow decorative papers, 12" x 12" sheets,
one each: dot; stripe
Metal-rim tags, assorted colors and sizes, seven
Metal brads, assorted colors, 14
Sheer letter/number stickers of choice
Party memorabilia: candles; horn; photo

Craft knife
Adhesive: double-sided tape; glue stick

step 1
Use foam scrap to smooth edges of foam block. Measure and use craft knife to cut 2" x 6" candle window from center of foam sheet, 3" from top edge. Measure and cut 1-1/2" x 5-1/2" horn window from lower right section of foam sheet as shown. Smooth cut edges with foam scrap.

step 2
Place stripe paper facedown on work surface. Trace foamsheet windows onto paper and cut out. Place double-sided tapearound paper and cut-out edges. Center and adhere paper tofoam block, adjusting fit as needed. Secure with additional tape.

step 3
Glue and insert row of candles into upper window.

step 4
Using photo as guide, cut out 1/4"-wide, curved "streamers"from blue card stock and orange dot paper. Use glue stick toadhere strips to background; save one blue strip for candlewindow background and one orange strip for photo block. Cut banner from dot paper and adhere to page as shown.

step 5
Cut two rectangles from green card stock, slightly largerthan window openings. Use glue stick to adhere blue streamerto larger piece of card stock. Tape card stock to back offoam, behind windows. Tape or glue horn into lower window.

step 6. Mat photo on orange, then blue, card stock. Adhere photo tolower left corner of page. Use glue stick to adhere orangestreamer to page in front of photo. Adhere tag over photo as shown; insert brad.

step 7
Arrange and glue five tags across top of page. Insert bradsthrough tags. Adhere additional embellishments and stickers as shown.

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please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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