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Have you ever looked around your apartment, full of beautiful DIY projects and awesome handmade decor, and realized that you’ve mostly stuck to the crafting classics? Maybe you have a lot of inspirational quotes, pretty designs that coordinate with your furniture, or things that you might describe as “lovely” but that don’t have a lot of attitude? This happened to us recently, so we dove into the depths of the Internet head first to try and find ourselves some art and decor projects that have a little more edge.

Check out this list of many awesome DIY ideas that will make sure your visitors to your home will know that, despite having a sweet side, you can get a little sassy too!

“Thug Life” vintage plate

We love the irony in this piece. Normally, when you see vintage style floral plates hanging on the wall or resting against the sideboard, they don’t bear contemporary rap slogans!

Lipstick kisses framed art

o you adore wearing bright lipstick for a fun night out? We do too, and we’re always amused by the sort of vintage Hollywood glamour we’re reminded of when our lipstick prints on our cups or napkins.

Silhouette song lyrics canvas

Maybe your favourite way to express your sassy side is by singing along to your favourite songs? here to show you how even that can be incorporated into your decor!

DIY scratched CD art

Do you love upcycling old things that you know you won’t use anymore, rather than throwing them out? Are you a huge fan of the way unused technology looks when it’s turned into art? Well, old CDs and DVDs are an awesome way to get that same look in your home very easily!

Framed jewel toned yarn

Maybe your usual craft of choice is knitting rather than decor pieces? Well, you can definitely combine the two for the ultimate crafting experience! This framed wall art

Negative stencil cafe print

Did you love the idea of the silhouette letters we talked about above, but the white, whimsical look of the finished product doesn’t quite match the level of sass in the quote or song lyrics you’ve chosen? All is not lost!
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