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1. Minnow
It is called minnow because it is made like a small minnow form of minnow favored predator lure minnow can be used for fishing in saltwater and freshwater and according to effective experience for fishing in hungry state. Minnow can be made of metal, wood, plastic or a combination of various materials
Floating type plays on the surface but does not move like a popper with a pencil type
Shallow type for the target fish is relatively not deep close to the surface
Sinking type is a very fast lure drowned for fish targets near the base.
Deep type to target fish playing in depth
2. Jig
Called the jig because this bait is played in a way up and down at once shook quickly jig one meaning is to dance with a fast rhythm of the material used is usually metal and more specifically is a tin of greater gravity than iron.
The use of a metal jig is paired with a single hook so that the draw will usually be given accessories such as animal fur, rubber, and skirt
3. Konahead
Called konahead because it is made to resemble the head of the squid, and is usually used for fishing with trolling techniques with tuna or tarred fish
4. Popper
Popper is an artificial feed that runs on the surface of the water and if drawn will emit a splash of water along with the development of technology many newly created poppers have a deviant shape from the initial form of the popper.
Popper is an artificial feed usually made of wood, and plastic poppers are designed to play on the surface of the water and are made to remove the splashing water
The existence of the sound is expected to make the fish tempted to eat at this time so many models of popper designed to play on the surface of the water
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