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The description of 11th Maths Solution | 11 कक्षा गणित

This app will provide you with 2000 Kids Stories ( ज्ञानवर्धक और रोचक कहानिया - Stories In Hindi).

You can easily find bed time stories for your children when they ask for story before sleeping. With the ease of Hindi language you can easily tell them.

This application shows Wonderful stories about god, festivals, motivational stories, akbar-birbal, tenali raman stories, panchtantra and much more..
The young minds of children can grasp the deepest thought through the medium of stories and illustrations.
* Offline Reading: Internet is Not Required to Read Stories.
* Beautifully Designed, Best H.D Graphics.
* Kids Stories in English & Hindi Languages.
* Handpicked Stories.
* Collection of 300+ English & 300+ Hindi Stories.
* Simple User Friendly Interface to read Story.
* Supports all Devices Like Mobile Phone & Tablets.
* Stories Like Moral Stories, Stories for Kids, Bedtime Stories, Motivational Stories, Hindi Stories, English Stories, Short Stories.
- Puss in Boots - for FREE
- The Beauty and the Beast
- Cinderella
- Sleeping Beauty
- The Three Little Pigs
- The Snow Queen
- Little Red Riding Hood
- The Princess and the Pea
- Gingerbread man
- Goldilocks and the three bears
- The Tinderbox
- Ugly Duckling
- Rumpelstiltskin
- The Three Spinners
- The Wolf and seven little kids
- The Enormous Turnip
- Mother Snow
- Aesop's Fables
- Norton's New House by Arpad Olbey
- The Realm of Sweet Dreams by Asa Guves
- The Lion and the Mouse
- The Fox and The Cat
- The Greedy Mouse
- The Wind and The Sun
- The Foolish Bear
- The Lion And The Tiger
- Two Cats And A Monkey
- The Oak Tree and the Reeds
- The Selfish Horse
- and a lot more....
- Hindi Stories
- English Stories
- Spoken English
- kid stories
Huge collection of Short Stories for Kids
• Stories told in a fun and interactive way
• Share Short Stories with your friends on social media networks.
• Save the Short Stories to your mobile.
- Enjoy reading stories from a library of famous educational children’s stories.
- 20+ Picture Stories for Kids in one application.
- Classic fairytales, moral stories and stories from Aesop's fables.
- Read bedtime stories together.
- Your child learns to read these stories by him/herself.
- Beautifully illustrated famous stories with moral.
- Easy and simple story line
- Interactive and easy to use.
- Helps kids in learning core skills of listening, reading & speaking.

Fairy Tale
- Beauty and the beast
- The Little Mermaid
- Jack and the Beanstalk
- The town mouse and the country mouse
- The Three little pigs
- The lion and the mouse
- The dog and the shadow
- The Sun and the Wind
- The Hare and he Tortoise
- The shepherd boy
- The Oak and The Reeds
- The Fox and the Goat
- The Bee and The Dove
- The Crow and Pitcher
- The Goose with The Golden Eggs
- The Lion and The Boar
- The Frog Who Desired a King
- The Raven and the Swan
1. First Day to School - Kids Story
2. Mr Vegetable - Kids Story
3. Grace of God - Kids Story
4. Thirsty Crow - Kids Story
5. Grapes are Sour - Kids Story
6. The Fox and the Stork - Kids Story
7. Hare and Tortoise - Kids Story
8. Two Silly Goats - Kids Story
9. The Lion and The Mouse - Kids Story
10. The Greedy Dog - Kids Story
11. Strength in Unity - Kids Story
12. The Greedy Lion - Kids Story
13. The Lion and The Rabbit - Kids Story
14. Kindness Pays Back - Kids Story
15. The Foolish Turtle - Kids Story
16. Fox and the Goat - Kids Story
17. Think before you leap - Kids Story
18. Crocodile and Monkey - Kids Story
19. The Blue Jackal - Kids Story
20. Knowledge is Power - Kids Story
21. The Clever Fox - Kids Story
22. Crooked Fox - Kids Story
23. Speaking Cave - Kids Story
24. Cats and A Monkey - Kids Story
25. Arrogant Elephant - Kids Story
26. Frogs and a Snake - Kids Story
27. The Mediator - Kids Story
28. Power of Wisdom - Kids Story
29. Act of a Fool - Kids Story
30. Donkey under Tiger Skin - Kids Story
31. Ungratefulness - Kids Story
32. Washer man's donkey - Kids Story
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